Kitten FAQ

You have questions. wE have answers.

Questions about buying process, pricing, waitlisting and more of our beautiful Bengal Kittens.

What is the process for buying a MARVELous Bengals Kitten?

We ask that you first fill out the   Cat/Kitten Application form  on our website. Please give us at least 24 hours to review your application at which time we will send you an e-mail back on whether we think you will be a good fit for one of our cats or kittens. Our preference is to communicate by e-mail or by text first, as this is the most efficient way for us to communicate with potential clients and there is less likelihood of miscommunication. We can then follow up with a phone call to discuss any questions or concerns you may have. If you have not received a response after one week, please follow up with a text or email.  NOTE: We will not respond to phone inquiries unless we first receive a completed application from you.

If we believe you will be a good fit for  one of our kittens, your next step is to send in your deposit for a kitten. If you have a specific kitten that you want to reserve, the deposit is $500.00. If you would like to get on our waiting list, the deposit is $250.00, with the balance of $250.00 due once you have picked out your kitten. The remainder of the balance will be due when the kitten is picked up (cash only – if paying by PayPal, Venmo or Zelle, this must be paid the day before the kitten is picked up) or at least 24 hours before the kitten is sent to you.

NOTE: OUR KITTENS SELL VERY QUICKLY AND SOMETIMES SEVERAL PEOPLE MAY BE INTERESTED IN THE SAME KITTEN. WE CANNOT HOLD A KITTEN FOR YOU UNTIL WE RECEIVE YOUR DEPOSIT.   We understand that you may be disappointed, but if we have another approved buyer who places their deposit before you do, the kitten will be reserved for them, regardless of how long you have been in communication with us. We have had approved buyers miss out by 5 minutes on their chosen kitten because they did not send in their deposit, so if you are really interested in one of our kittens, and your application has been approved, we would urge you to act quickly.

Once you have reserved your kitten, we will send you updates of your kitten (typically once a week) until the kitten is picked up. This will be in the form of photos or videos. Please note that sometimes due to work constraints, we may not be able to provide weekly updates, but please feel free to contact us if you would like an update on your kitten.

We usually keep our kittens until they are at least 12 weeks of age, when we believe it is physically, mentally, and socially ready to leave the nest. If we feel that the kitten is ready to leave earlier, we will let you know. Similarly, if we need to hold back a kitten longer, we will also let you know. We can usually gauge a kitten’s progress by the time they are 8 weeks old and we can usually give you an estimate of when the kitten will be ready to go home and we will schedule a pickup or shipment date / time with you.

The balance is due when the kitten is picked up or prior to the kitten being shipped (preferably 24 hours prior to shipment). Final payment needs to be in the form of cash, cashier’s check, Venmo, Zelle or Paypal. (Note: If you are paying by Paypal, our quoted price does not include the Paypal charges which are 3% of the total due.). Payment should be made at least 24 hours before pickup unless you are paying in cash.

What is your waitlist and how does it work?

Due to buyer demand, we have a waiting list for our kittens.  The waiting list is only for kittens that we place as pets. We do not accept deposits for show/breeder quality kittens until the kitten has been born and we have evaluated that it is show/breeder quality at which time we will advertise that kitten as being available. Please note that even if you have an early pick of our kittens, a breeder will have first pick of our kittens that are show / breeder quality, as it is important to us that we contribute towards the Bengal breed.

Once you have submitted your Cat/Kitten Application and you have been approved, you can send in your waiting list deposit if we do not have any kittens available for you at that time. The waiting list deposit is $250.00 and it is not refundable. It is applied towards the final price of your kitten. The waiting list deposit secures your place for a kitten and gives you an early pick from the kittens we make available as pets.

Once we make a kitten available to you, you must respond within 48 hours of our email/text being sent to you, otherwise we will move onto the next person on our waiting list. Once you have chosen your kitten, the balance of $500.00 is due to reserve the kitten. The $500.00 deposit if applied towards the final costs of the kitten. This is not refundable. At about 8 weeks, we will send your our contract with the final price for the kitten. At that time, 50% of the balance owed will be due and the remainder is due at pickup or 24 hours before the kitten is sent to you (if the kitten is being delivered to you).

What are prices for your kittens?

MARVELous kittens are not cheap. We encourage you to look at other breeders and the quality and pricing of their cats and then compare them to our kittens. We have been breeding for years and our prices range from $1,200 – $2,000.00 for pets, and will start at $2,500.00 for Breeder/Show. We consult with other responsible breeders and believe that our prices are in the current market range for the quality of kittens that we produce. We do not cut corners when it comes to our kittens’ and cats’ health and well-being.

Our final quoted prices are firm. We will give you the final price on a kitten when the kitten is at around 8 weeks of age. Prior to that, we may give a ballpark range for the kitten’s price, but that may increase or decrease depending on how the kitten develops. Typically, we will set the final price around 8 weeks and we will send our contract to you for signature.

We will not sell pet quality cats as breeders but we will sell breeder quality cats as top quality pets. Our policy is to only sell our best kittens as breeders. The kitten’s price will be higher or lower depending on the kitten’s color, markings and overall structure. Prices may also be reduced if our kittens need to be homed quickly to make way for new litters.

Our price includes all vaccinations for the kitten’s age, deworming, a fecal test by our vet, a FeLv and FIV test, and a vet health check before the kitten leaves our cattery. All kittens leaving our cattery will have their Vaccination Record and their Patient Chart from our vet showing when the kitten was vet checked and his/her FeLV and FIV test as well as his/her test results.

Our prices also reflect the continued follow up and communication that you will get from us once you have taken your kitten home. We have had clients come back to us for a second kitten years after they purchased their first MARVELousBengal! When you buy a MARVELousBengal, you will get what you pay for in terms of quality and service. We are not a breeder that ignores our clients once the kitten leaves our cattery. We want to know how your kitten is doing, and we appreciate updates from our clients. We are happy to provide additional references from our clients upon request.

Do you ship your kittens?

We ship within the United States via Delta’s Petfirst. Shipping is approximately $350.00 for one kitten. This includes the cost of the airfare, the carrier, the vet health check, the health certificate, acclimation letter, and the trip to and from the airport.  We can ship two kittens under the age of 16 weeks in the same carrier for a little more (usually about $450.00).  We can also use a pet nanny service and the charge is around $$458.00 to 600.00.

What are your health protocols for your cats/kittens?

We strive to produce healthy kittens with sweet temperaments, clear coats, and big rosettes. We feed raw food, high quality dry food and we strive to ensure our cattery is disease and parasite free by conducting regular tests on our cats.

Our cats are all tested for PK-Deficiency, PRA and we take our cats to a board certified cardiologist for echocardiograms and to test for HCM. 

We also run PCR tests for our cats (for respiratory panels and fecal panels) when necessary. All kittens that leave our cattery go through a thorough physical examination by our vet (which includes checking them for heart murmurs) and they are tested for FeLV, FIV. Our vet also runs a fecal panel on all kittens to confirm that they do not have any parasites when they leave our cattery.

What do we need to prepare for the kitten?

Once your application has been approved and you have reserved your kitten, we will send you a Kitten Care Sheet which outlines what you need to buy to prepare for your kitten. A copy of the Kitten Care Sheet is also available on our website.

If you are picking up your kitten, please make sure you bring a carrier. If you are driving several hours to come get your kitten, we recommend that you come with a family member or a friend so that you can bond with the kitten on the trip home. Some clients have brought a larger carrier with them and put a makeshift litter tray in the carrier (a plastic Ziplock or Glad Tupperware will fit in the carrier) for the trip .

Reservation of our outright refusal to sell.

We reserve the right to refuse to sell you the kitten (or adult) at any time before the kitten (or adult) is collected. At that time, we will refund your deposit in full. We have our cats’ best interests at heart, and we want to make sure that they go to a home with individuals that we believe that we can have a good relationship with – most of our clients end up being good friends, and it important to us to be able to get along and communicate with our pet / breeder clients.

As a result, even though you have paid a deposit and reserved the kitten (or adult), that kitten (or adult) is NOT “yours”. The kitten (or adult) remains ours until such time as we release the kitten (or adult) to you. Several weeks may pass from the time the kitten (or adult) is reserved until the kitten (or adult) leaves and that usually gives us a good gauge as to whether we believe you will be a good fit for the kitten (or adult) and more importantly, whether you will be a good fit for us.


You have questions. wE have answers.

Questions about buying process, pricing, waitlisting and more of our beautiful Bengal Adults.

What is the process for buying a MARVELous Bengals Adult?

Occasionally we sell retired breeders or current breeders. You will need to fill out our Cat/Kitten Application, and if we believe you will be a good fit for our adult and you are approved, you need to send in your deposit.

The deposit for our adults is $500.00. The balance is due when upon pickup. If we are shipping or delivery via pet nanny, the balance is due 24 hours prior to shipment. We will not ship until full payment has been received.

Please note that we are VERY particular about our adults’ forever homes. We will give preference to homes in Virginia, and to single-cat homes. Our adults are very special to us, as they typically have been with us for a few years and they deserve to have undivided attention. We will not place our adults in homes where there are more than two felines in residence. This is our personal preference is not a reflection of our adults’ personalities.

What are the prices for your adults?

Our adults range from $1000.00 to $3500.00. Our quoted prices are not negotiable. Multiple things contribute to this, such as if they are retired or not.

All our adults have been HCM tested by a cardiologist prior to them being retired and retired adults will be spayed or neutered before they leave for their forever homes. They will also be current on all their shots.

Do you ship your adults?

Our preference to rehome our adults to forever homes in Virginia, or within driving distance. We prefer not to ship. If we do ship, we ship via Delta’s Petfirst and the cost will usually be $400.00 (vs. $350.00 for kittens) because of the size of the carrier / weight of the adult. We can also use a pet nanny service that charges around $650.00 and they will meet you at the airport.

Reservation of our outright refusal to sell.

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